Property Owners Overview

Putting Your Site on the Map

Do you own an existing communications tower, tall building or other site you feel may be a viable location for a wireless antenna? Do you own real estate that you think may be a good spot for a new tower? Does your city, town or county own a water tower or similar structure that could host a wireless antenna? If any of these situations applies, MCM wants to talk to you.

Utilizing your property as a host for a wireless antenna can be an excellent source of income. But you should be aware that wireless carriers are looking for sites that meet very specific needs.

MCM understands the requirements and specifications that go into an attractive antenna site. We will evaluate your potential site at no cost to you and tell you if it has the potential to host a wireless antenna. Because of our longstanding relationships within the wireless industry, MCM can effectively oversee your property and effectively market your site to potential lessees.

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